Hämä hämä häkki...

käveli hangella...
Eilen, Maatialanharjulla.

2 kommenttia:

  1. Hey Sanna,
    is it a spider???? What is it? How cold is it by you?
    Friendly greetings from Germany to Finnlandia!
    The Grandmother

  2. Hi, Michaela!

    Yes, it is a spider. It was walking in the snow yesterday, when I was with my son in Maatialanharju´s nature trail.
    It was -3 degrees below zero. There were no houses, just a forest. Maybe spider thought that spring has become, because it was so warm. :) There has been approximately -20 degrees below zero in recent time.

    Best wishes, Sanna-Mari

    p.s Sorry my bad english